Why must you cry?

Dear Son,
You currently have two "mornings" - one around 6ish and a second around 8ish.  At 6ish you wake, nurse and go straight back to sleep for another hour and a half or so.  Then you get up "for real" around 8ish to nurse again and begin your day.  This wouldn't work for everyone, but I quite like it as it gives me two times with you in the morning before I head to work.  However, each morning, during your first morning, I lift you out of the crib and place you on the changing table because you've been in your diaper all night long ... and you cry.  Sometimes it's just a fuss but sometimes there are tears - all because I'm changing your diaper just before feeding you.  We do this every morning, in this exact order, but yet every morning you cry.  It makes Mommy sad that you essentially wake up crying each day (though never for your second, "real" morning), but if I don't change your diaper then, there will be an accident - trust me, we've tried.  So I'll ask the question again, why must you cry?
With love,
Your Mommy

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