The First Month

My Sweet Baby,

It has officially been four weeks, one month, since I went back to work.  I'm not really sure how to summarize this first month - some things have been hard and some have been kind of easier than I first thought.  I definitely miss you during the day and as the week goes on, it's harder to leave each morning.  But I know you're well taken care of and loved and happy, and I do enjoy that during my time with you it's much more about just you and me.  I still struggle and think that I always will, but I'd say overall it was  a fairly good first month.

All my love,
Your Mommy



My Adorable Son,

Notwithstanding the fact that stripes are all the nautical rage for this spring, I love, love you in stripes!  You have a new pair of PJs with blue and green stripes, and I love you in them.  We had to retire one pair of precious stripey PJs, so I'm so happy to finally have a replacement.  I hope you'll continue to wear stripes long after I cease dressing you, but for now it's my choice, and you're in stripes!

Your Mommy


The good, the bad and the truly wonderful

My Dear Son,

Today was a day of huge highs and lows.  To keep a very long (and emotional and complicated) story short, here are the basics:

The Good - You cut your first tooth!

The Bad - While I was at work...

The Truly Wonderful - You ate your first solids!

Mommy thought you were about to cut the first tooth with how off you've been feeling lately and the fact that you haven't slept at all in the last couple of nights.  I'm so excited for you and how you're growing up.  However, it was very hard for Mommy emotionally that she was not there when it actually appeared and to find it.  Just one of the struggles ...

Then tonight, Daddy and I took you to dinner at one of our local favorite places.  We were planning on starting solids this weekend, and I had in my plans to do it with the camera, video camera and both of us present at home.  We were still trying to decide whether to do traditional purees or more of the baby-led weaning.  But tonight, it just felt right.  We didn't even have the camera with us.  But it was such a fun night and a fun memory for your Daddy and me - so special for the three of us as a family.  And in case you're curious - your first foods were Tony's rolls and a mushroom, and you ate both like a champ!  I'm so proud of you.  It was a truly wonderful, unsuspecting Friday night.

Your biggest fan,
Your Mommy


My Good Sleeper Son,

I love what a good sleeper you are and the fact that you are Sleeping Through the Night (STTN - I'm so hip with my Mommy acronym =).  However, I'm afraid I cursed myself.  Back a couple of weeks ago, I said something about how I missed your middle of the night feedings.  Well you very sweetly decided to bring them back.  I know it's just a phase and part of me does love that little extra time with you, but this working mama's t-i-r-e-d.  So off to bed for you and for me, and hopefully we'll get back on track soon.

Sweet dreams,
Your Mommy


French cuffs

My Dapper Son,

Mommy is quite fond of the French cuffs and cufflinks, and I hope you will be too.  It's a very chic statesman type look, though now that I read that back that statement in and of itself might dissuade you from wanting to wear them.  Daddy wears them and has at least a couple of pairs of cufflinks to pass down to you, which I also think is very special since there isn't really much jewelry for a daddy to pass on to his son.  

Happy dressing,
Your Mommy


Pillow Talk

My Son,

One of the greatest Venus/Mars Debates (of the first world variety) is the age-old battle over throw pillows.  I know - critical things we're discussing here today on Sentences to My Son.  Women love them.  Men hate them.  Or so they say . . . as men certainly appreciate lying their heads on those throw pillows on the couch while watching the game or a movie and definitely take advantage of those extra shams on the bed to prop them up while eating dessert or working on the computer.  The debate really seems to get heated when a tired hubby is heading to bed only to be greeted by a mattress full of throw pillows.  How many is "full"?  How many is too many?  The world may never know.  But I suggest there is, and that you find, a happy medium - this will result in a happy wife, a pretty bed and a comfortable couch.

Sleep well,
Your Mommy


Pleased to meet you

Dearest Son,

Today, a very important topic - one that speaks to your first impression, etiquette, branding and quite frankly just how well you fit in - a good, firm handshake.  I recall being "taught" for the first time in high school how to shake someone's hand.  I thought the whole concept of teaching this was ridiculous right up to the moment the teacher sent us loose in the classroom to practice ... good night there were a lot of people who had no idea how to shake hands, at least not well!  I took it for granted that I had been raised properly shaking hands, and your daddy and I will certainly teach you as well because there's nothing I dislike more in first meeting someone than a wimpy, meek handshake.  Though I must say with the grip you've got going at this age, you're already headed down the right path!

Your Mommy


Roses are Red

Darling Son,

Let's talk flowers.  You see it's been 5 days since Valentine's Day, which is roughly the lifespan of most cut floral arrangements (if they're well cared for during such days), so there are a lot of dead flowers hanging around right now.  This fact is precisely my issue with them.  They are beautiful.  Many smell great.  They brighten up a room and make you smile (well, at least girls; I can't really confirm if they make boys smile).  But they die.  And they cost a lot of money.  So ... choose wisely.  Remember that flowers are not the only way to show your love, though they are a sweet one.  Be creative when you do buy them and pick a good vase.  And you can't ever go wrong with cymbidium orchids.

Hugs and Kisses,
Your Mommy


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dearest Son,

Sure we all love Christmas and the holiday season, but it could be argued that this season is the most wonderful time of the year ... because it's Girl Scout Cookie Season.  It's actually possible that Girl Scout Cookies could be the secret to world peace.  Seriously who can resist smiling after a box of frozen Thin Mints?  Girl Scout Cookies will cure most ailments and raise your spirits on even the dreariest of days.  I'm sure in your hey-day you will cost me another mortgage payment in Girl Scout Cookie consumption, but I guess that's the reason that it's just a season and not all year long!

Happy Cookie Eating,
Your Mommy



My dear son,

It is painfully awful to see you sick - made worse only by being sick myself and therefore having less energy and stamina to help you get better.  And while I'd rather not see you sick at all, I must admit that I love the way you want your momma while you're sick.  I hope you always will.  Even as a grown woman and a mother myself, there's still a part of me that yearns for my own mother while sick - to cook me soup and bring me OJ and ginger ale and most of all rub my feet.  I hope I can be that same sort of comfort for you when you're sick, now and forever.

Get well soon,
Your Mommy


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Dearest Son,

A computer will undoubtedly be a part of your daily life (try as I might to avoid it while you are young), but my advice for today is to make sure to learn to type.  And I mean really learn to type - with all your fingers and without looking, etc.  It's extremely useful in school work and certainly your "real job" later in life.  Coming from a time when as a kid most people did not have computers at home, I learned later in school through many timed tests of the aforementioned sentence.  I hope they still teach you this in school, and if not, Mommy will.

All my love,
Your Mommy


Mommy's Kisses

My Sweet Son,

Right now, it matters not to you that I kiss you.  In fact, you love it.  You open your mouth to "kiss" me back, you laugh heartily when I kiss under your chin or blow raspberries on your belly.  And you "kiss" me whenever your face is close to mine.  It warms Mommy's heart and makes me swell with pride - pride in the fact that you love me and in this outward expression of that love.  So know as you grow and no longer find Mommy's kisses so cool that they continue to be the expression of my deep, unconditional love for you, My Son.

Gros bisous,
Your Mommy


Jump Around

My Active Son,

You LOVE to jump.  I cannot express this strongly enough.  You LOVE it.  And I love to watch you - your pure delight and joy at this simple motion.  I love that it's making you stronger and more coordinated.  I love that it's teaching you your own strength, independence and to play on your own.  It's so much fun to watch you during this short period of your life, but I know this will be the first of many passions and athletic pursuits, and so in that way, it's a fun premonition of what's to come in your life.

Your doting mother


Discovery Central

Dear Curious Son,

It is so precious to watch you play and discover new things - super exciting things like your hands, your feet, your zipper on your jacket, the toys on your car seat and Jumperoo, the fact that your seat in your exersaucer turns, your tongue (as aforementioned) - just all sorts of things.  I hope this enjoyment with discovering new things does not end with your infancy.  I hope you retain this curious, inquisitive nature and your delight with discovery.

Your Mommy


Those Smelly Roses

My Son,

Nothing matters more than this day.  And by this I don't mean literally this February 2, 2012, I mean whatever the then-current day is.  Because no one is guaranteed another day, and time truly does fly - whether you're having fun or not.  So do try to live for the day and enjoy the day you're in.  We certainly enjoy you daily and the copious changes that each stage, and sometimes each day, brings.  So take the time to smell the proverbial roses and don't take time for granted.

With love,
Your Mommy



Caro hijo,

Along with our desire for you to travel and appreciate other cultures, we greatly desire that you learn other languages - yes, that's plural.  Your nanny is a native Spanish speaker, which along with speaking Spanish in the house I hope will make you fluent in Spanish.  And we'd love for you to expound upon that and learn some other languages - we're open as to which other language(s), just want you to be multilingual.

Besos y abrazos,
Your Mommy