My Roly-Poly,
It might have taken you 6.75 months to figure out how to roll from back to tummy, but the roll itself takes only about 1.25 seconds!  You have mastered this roll, and we're so proud of you.  And you are so proud of yourself ... right up until you recognize that this means you're on your tummy, which you (still) hate.  And while you learned very early on how to roll from tummy to back (likely based on said hatred), you're not as inclined to show off those skills as you are the back-to-tummy roll - quite a conundrum, precious boy!  Each morning since last Saturday we have found you on your tummy in your crib pleading for us to come rescue you, and we have to laugh and comment how cute you are before we save you from the awfulness that is tummy time.  Now things will start to get extremely interesting when you learn to put the two rolls together for the steamroll - fun times ahead!
Roll on,
Your Mommy

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