Roses are Red

Darling Son,

Let's talk flowers.  You see it's been 5 days since Valentine's Day, which is roughly the lifespan of most cut floral arrangements (if they're well cared for during such days), so there are a lot of dead flowers hanging around right now.  This fact is precisely my issue with them.  They are beautiful.  Many smell great.  They brighten up a room and make you smile (well, at least girls; I can't really confirm if they make boys smile).  But they die.  And they cost a lot of money.  So ... choose wisely.  Remember that flowers are not the only way to show your love, though they are a sweet one.  Be creative when you do buy them and pick a good vase.  And you can't ever go wrong with cymbidium orchids.

Hugs and Kisses,
Your Mommy

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