Pillow Talk

My Son,

One of the greatest Venus/Mars Debates (of the first world variety) is the age-old battle over throw pillows.  I know - critical things we're discussing here today on Sentences to My Son.  Women love them.  Men hate them.  Or so they say . . . as men certainly appreciate lying their heads on those throw pillows on the couch while watching the game or a movie and definitely take advantage of those extra shams on the bed to prop them up while eating dessert or working on the computer.  The debate really seems to get heated when a tired hubby is heading to bed only to be greeted by a mattress full of throw pillows.  How many is "full"?  How many is too many?  The world may never know.  But I suggest there is, and that you find, a happy medium - this will result in a happy wife, a pretty bed and a comfortable couch.

Sleep well,
Your Mommy

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