The good, the bad and the truly wonderful

My Dear Son,

Today was a day of huge highs and lows.  To keep a very long (and emotional and complicated) story short, here are the basics:

The Good - You cut your first tooth!

The Bad - While I was at work...

The Truly Wonderful - You ate your first solids!

Mommy thought you were about to cut the first tooth with how off you've been feeling lately and the fact that you haven't slept at all in the last couple of nights.  I'm so excited for you and how you're growing up.  However, it was very hard for Mommy emotionally that she was not there when it actually appeared and to find it.  Just one of the struggles ...

Then tonight, Daddy and I took you to dinner at one of our local favorite places.  We were planning on starting solids this weekend, and I had in my plans to do it with the camera, video camera and both of us present at home.  We were still trying to decide whether to do traditional purees or more of the baby-led weaning.  But tonight, it just felt right.  We didn't even have the camera with us.  But it was such a fun night and a fun memory for your Daddy and me - so special for the three of us as a family.  And in case you're curious - your first foods were Tony's rolls and a mushroom, and you ate both like a champ!  I'm so proud of you.  It was a truly wonderful, unsuspecting Friday night.

Your biggest fan,
Your Mommy

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  1. It's so fitting that it was at Tony's. What a great memory! I can't wait to see our little man's teeth. Such an exciting time. Give him some love for me!