Pleased to meet you

Dearest Son,

Today, a very important topic - one that speaks to your first impression, etiquette, branding and quite frankly just how well you fit in - a good, firm handshake.  I recall being "taught" for the first time in high school how to shake someone's hand.  I thought the whole concept of teaching this was ridiculous right up to the moment the teacher sent us loose in the classroom to practice ... good night there were a lot of people who had no idea how to shake hands, at least not well!  I took it for granted that I had been raised properly shaking hands, and your daddy and I will certainly teach you as well because there's nothing I dislike more in first meeting someone than a wimpy, meek handshake.  Though I must say with the grip you've got going at this age, you're already headed down the right path!

Your Mommy


  1. No limp fish handshakes in this family!

  2. Good lesson! We have been working with our son on making eye contact too.